Items missing / storm glas set

Hello, I have bought every DLC, yet I’m missing crucial objects. Can’t find them in my reciepes nor can I spawn them with the admin console.

can you confirm which items/objects you’re missing?

I’m missing a lot of the storm glass building objects like the big pilar for example.

I can’t upload pictures here yet or post links…

I’m just saying… giving Funcom a list could help them figure out the problem.

storm glass spiral staircase, stone glass gargoyle, stone glass - glass roof, storm glass-double door frame, stone glass double door, stone glass rose-window, stone glass arc,

most of the storm glass items are missing

Those are bazaar-only items, not included in the original dlc. I was checking Reddit and I saw this same question, so I’m assuming you already knew by now. Anyway, figured I’d respond in case others didn’t know.

yeah I know… thank you! =)

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Im about 99% sure this is related to the authentication server problems that are currently ongoing. Basically the server is incapable of confirming that you own the DLC/bazaar items that you do.

This problem will likely go away at the same time as all those “Authentication failed” errors elsewhere in the forum.

Last time I wanted to play offline i realized that everything I owned at the bazar is only available while I am online.
So I think it’s related to the situation that you can not connect to funcom live services at this moment

I had that the other day. All my bazar stuff was not there. Simple relog fixed that though.

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