Where are the rest of the storm glass building pieces?

I have purchased all DLC’s for Conan Exiles. Stormglass building pieces are missing. I get a spawn failed message for stormglass L stairs right & left, gargoyles basically all the good pieces can’t be spawned in or made/built even outside creative mode even if my level is high and I unlock it through the feats. How are you guys not aware of this bug or error? I thought maybe my install was corrupted, I reinstalled the whole game and all DLC’Sand it took a long time, just for it to be the same. I spent a lot of money for all the DLC’s fix this please.

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There is an additional Stormglass set (extension pack) that must be bought in the in-game store (Bazaar). You must purchase Crom Coins (Conan Store currency) in order to buy those additional pieces.


The items in the Bazaar do rotate. They are not currently available.


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