Almost August and still no Stormglass Cathedral

Here I am,buying Exiles again after 2 years only because I saw the Cathedral Set. My old account was gone and so I made new one hoping that I’ll buy the set and what do you know? No sign of it. From what I gathered, it was available in bazzar only 2 times, and last time time it was in March, I think.

At this point, I lost all hope that the set will be back again and I’m really thinking I should get a refund and be done with this game once and for all. Talk about second chances going to waste…


i have been waiting for the set to be offered again so I can buy it. is there a place at funcom where I can grab the rest of the STORMGLASS set?

So you think that you might get a refund huh!?

Why because you made a rash & impulsive purchase,just so you could buy one building set addon,which you then ultimately failed to achieve due to your own personal life choices!?

Maybe if you actually played this game instead of just visiting after 2 years,you would find;

  1. You wouldn’t need to pine & fret over missing out on one building set addon.
  2. You would earn the right for your First World Problems & the entitlement you think you deserve,to be taken seriously & considered for any merit they may hold.

Try harder & do better! :thinking:

Respectfully, I bought the set like a month ago, it’s definitely been up a few times :slight_smile:

I do agree though, all items from the Bazaar should be available at all times! Or at least have at least twice as many items for sale and a much shorter countdown for the premiere items to change, 1 month is far too long!


A different bazzar would be better i agree. I didn’t like the p2w policy of elder scrolls but they were more organized in this matter. People should be able to buy everything and even pieces of this everything!


Then I guess I did not researched enough. Sadly, it’s not the first first game that offers something for a limited time solely for advertising purposes and then leaves you staring blankly at the screen. Glad to see that this is not the case.

I wouldn’t even mind a full month, but they should at least gives a countdown timer or a heads-up about their products. Just basic common sense. But I guess that would defeat the whole purpose of advertising.

You don’t even deserve a reply. I will just say this: Every person that pays for a product or a service should be taken seriously a least once when they have a grievance about said product regardless if the bought it one hour ago or a year. This is a healthy marketing system.
Ant yet you’re lecturing me about entitlement

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