How long do i have to wait for the extended stormglass set to reappear?!

I have been waiting for more than 2 months to see the extended stormglass set to reappear in the bazaar. Where is it? Meanwhile i’m seeing other sets reappearing a few times. Do i really have to wait for so long to finally build my stormglass base?

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Frankly, we don’t know how the rotation works. It could be a clever AI system that carefully analyzes which items are most popular, rotating them into the Bazaar more often - or if could be a monkey throwing squirrels at a dartboard to see which items to put up next.

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Maybe forever! Thats funcoms genius bazaar system. I wanna buy it since 3 months. Seeing the nontent comin with aow i maybe wont play conan for next months and wont buy any dlcs. So congrats funcom your monetization system is just next level😂

Yep. The rotation system is wallet-friendly. :smiley:

Should have brought it first time round

I am also waiting for the set to be bought again. I already own it, but my love doesn´t and he wants to build a cathedral for his city.

I find it very weird that they have the golem set and the turanian set in the shop not only for days but weeks and twice in a row while people wait for other sets to be purchaseable again.

Its frustrating if you missed to buy a specific item or building set and you have to wait months until its available again.

The dlc´s where way better. In quality, in price and availability.

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