When is the stormglass cathedral coming back to Bazaar

im building a stormglass base and missed out on buying the set a couple weeks ago, any idea when its coming back?


Welcome to the Forum. The Stormglass is the one thing I have purchased
I like it :ok_hand:. I believe that there will be a rotation of items for sale. Most likely some other members can give more input.


thanks, and i had looked at it before and wasnt really interested. but now that im building a big base made of stormglass i really wish i had picked it up. hopefully comes back soon

Its hard to say when it will be back, but you can count on it returning much like all the other prior offering have cycled thru. I’d keep my eye on that upper left pane countdown timer…

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gotchya. hopefully i get lucky then. preferably sooner so I don’t have cut up the base when i get.

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I would expect it to pop up some time in Chapter 2 again because I bet it sold big.

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Remember that the double doors and the window are 2×2 and one foundation thick I believe. Leave some room.

I have a feeling that once the Headhunter set rotates out next week, the stormglass set will be the one featured. It’s just a hunch, tho.

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No luck with this rotation. Hopefuly next time

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