Stormglass On the Store Should be Free if you own Siptah!

This goes for any of the Building sets extras. We paid for stormglass when we bought Siptah. We shouldn’t have to pay for it again.


Way I see it: if I buy a house (Tudor-styled) and then at a later stage a builder offers additional bits I could add to that house, they ain’t offering it free. That makes little sense. I’ll certainly ask them to do it for free, but I would not hold my breath waiting for them to do so ;).

Also going to take the oppotunity to again say Wow, and thatnks, to the Art and Dev crew at Funcom for the amazing content we’ve seen with Chapter 1 and 2. Beautiful detail. Thank you.


Well, I don’t agree with the “free” aspect.

But I do have a request for the Devs: Please make a “portcullis” framed ‘arch’ gate (like the Arena set has) that actually fits the Stormglass gates. Yes, I can put an Arena door on a Stormglass gate, but there’s a noticeable gap at the top. At least, that’s what happened when I tried to apply the Arena gate to a Stormglass Gateframe.


I understand that this is a expansion to the original version that we can do without don’t agree with the price and we should get something else with it. @LZB_Gattsu

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I disagree.

New content costs money. When I purchased DLC, I got the content included. New content=new money.


And the sandstone set was from the very beginning and we shouldn’t pay for it right?
Look, the reason i will buy this set is because it’s more than the sandstone fiasco! Because it was fiasco, but anyway it paid the bill to keep the lights on, so it’s ok! The reason i was a bit upset was that i didn’t see triangle foundations in the set photos! So to anyone that bought it, do you have triangle foundations? I saw only triangle ceiling!

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Yeah no. Thats not how game companies work. They dont give you stuff for free. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in business and there would be no game.


Seems like you lot are fine with terrible anti consumer business practices.

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See this is a very level headed approach to it.

If you have a suggestion to actually change how business works, then by all means share it. Wailing about it on the forums isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you want games made by people that aren’t going to nickel and dime you, you’re going to have to look at the indie scene and move on from AAA games.

The only desaster I see is that people only demand T3 stuff and T3 stuff alone. Its sad that people rushing through the game like crazy demanding more and more endgame content, while not beeing able to enjoy or extend their early gameplay enough to see the value in not having everything in just 10 minutes of gameplay.

I for myself found the T1 building set to be very enjoyable and very beautiful. I am a big fan of the old stormglass pieces too but I will not buy this new set, because I do not feel the same excitement this time. Some of the pieces look odd. Feels more then a recolor to me than actual new pieces.

The whole bazar atm is too expensive for what it offers. Hege maze for 1000 crom coins? Saddle for 1057? camping tent for 1133? Nah … I am not Croesus.

A lot of people say the battlepass is awefull. I oddly do not feel the same. If I see the prices in the bazar I actually get a lot more out of my 10 bucks there. The black lion skin alone would cost more in the bazar as an item then it does in the battle pass and its beautiful. I have seen several beautiful pieces in the battlepass that are worth it. They are underrated. Like the T1 sets where. But well… people see what they wanna see.


No, I’m not. I’ve written lengthy posts about this when the Battle Pass was originally announced.

However, offering new stuff for extra cost is not “terrible anti-consumer practice”, it’s standard operating procedure for every business everywhere. If you buy a car, you won’t get free refills every time your tank runs dry, even if your car won’t work without fuel. And if you want a new air conditioner to your car, the car seller isn’t going to install one for you for free.

Conan Exiles works perfectly well (or at least as well as it has ever worked) without those extra building pieces, but if you want them, you can get them for a few extra moneys.

The Stormglass set has actually been one of the few items in the Bazaar which I think have been worth the price asked.


I agree! I want nore skins for tier 2 as well! I named it fiasco because i had to pay almost piece by piece the tier 1 set :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But it’s ok.

This tier 3 set has way more pieces on 1200 crom coins which is fair, don’t you think?
Or at least more fair than the previous costing of sandstone sets!

I hope the new stormglass pieces mean more arena pieces. I will gladly pay for that too. If funcom cant make a return, there isnt a reason for an investment.


Would definitely love to see some additions to the arena set. I love the aesthetic but it has always felt kinda 3/4 done.


Q: Can you get the bazaar additions and not have Siptah? Basically if you buy the bazaar addtions, can you use them without the base building pack that Siptah provides?

Told you, if you’re fine being skimmed more more money on a product as a consumer then that’s on you. For one i’m on the mindset we shouldn’t be supporting business practices that cost us the consumer more money on a building set we paid for in Siptah, They should not be charging us for something we’ve paid for once. Almost like you’re arguing that you want less content for more money.


No more like I’m a realist. You can preach all day long. People have been preaching against this for over a decade or more and nothing has changed.

Trying to make people feel bad for it is about as fruitful as taking a whiz into a strong wind - you’re the only one thats going to get wet doing it.

Whether you feel they should or shouldn’t be doing it is irrelevant. Don’t buy it if you don’t want it. Its a pretty simple case study really.

No one is going to give you things for free and extra content that they develop years later isn’t going to be sent to you for free. Thats la la land thinking, no matter how much you try to dress it.

You paid for the Siptah building set. Quite a while ago. They have added to it. You aren’t entitled to have it for free no matter how much you will it to be so.

Exactly! This dlc is lacking a lot on pieces! If this dlc will be completed i would be really happy! But i believe tier 2 needs some love too! So far Multigun and Daeso were right, they told me on builders bureau that tier 2 ain’t going to take the love i expect! So when i saw in bazzar the storm glass set (tier 3) their words came to my mind at once. Pity, tier 2 is so beautiful :pensive:.

I wouldnt write off tier 2, but it does have the issue of not being either noob shack or end game material. Its kind of in limbo because it cant look as good as tier 3, and it cant look as bad as sandstone. I imagine that makes it difficult.