New thing - Grave Matter! Help!

I just ran into this thing at Buccaneer Bay, and I really didn’t even understand what it was. An invulnerable sorcerer, and brings down a stream of undead.
The sorcerer cannot be reached, and the undead appear, it seems, endlessly. I was spinning for about 15 minutes, then I ran away.
Who knows how this problem is solved?

You will need to destroy the glowing obelisks in the area for the shield to disappear.

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As Sir Henry says - this is the new event (shows up in three possible locations - an icon will appear on the map). It can be a great xp farm if you like fighting infinite undead. Or, if you want to go quick, explosive arrows for the obelisks and then kill the central guy - a chest will appear near where they were stood - loot it for event rewards :slight_smile:


Do you mean the 4 pillars from which the smoke is coming?

Yes, take out the 4 pillars and the shield around the boss will go down than go get’m

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I just ignore the undead and take down the pillars, then the boss. The undead all die once he dies. Easiest done from Rhino.

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It’s clear, thanks.
You can imagine my shock - nothing like this has ever happened here, and suddenly such nonsense appears out of the blue! :astonished:

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Your reaction has made this whole event worthwhile for me. I just wanted you to know that.



Thank you all, the problem is easily solved. Sorcerers need to be identified and roughly punished, otherwise the entire territory was filled with undeads. :cold_face: I have already collected a set of clothes for the senior sectarian. :star_struck:


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