New to game looking for a relaxed pvp or pve-c server

Im new to conan but have played ark. I played offline so i know the mechanics. I enjoy it so far. Its just hard by yourself.

Message me at Buttcheek_Spread
forgottenexiles new relax server 48hours old

Come join my clan. We currently reside on a weekend raid pvp server that’s growing really fast. No raiding week days and 24/7 pvp. PC version.

Check out Relaxed PVP 420 18+ we are a weekend raid only server PVP 24/7 just no building damage unless its the weekend. Gives people a chance to build up and grind without worrying about there base being lost.

new server friendly people no wipes/gods accelerated crafting etc


Conan & Chill West Coast -

active admins and friendly players with plenty of fun things to do! Good mods - no decay or thrall/pet feeding.

I always give away free B&W dye and legendary repair kits. There are also plenty of Pippi created content and public loot boxes scattered about.

Are there any clans i can join

Are there any clans i can join its a pain to start up solo

what platform you after ours in PC


Whats your server called?

Sure! And I can always boost your level a bit if needed. But I’m on PC.

I’m on ps4 thanks though bro

I admin on this one. Pretty populated from alot of players like you, new and from Ark.
Sat/Sun 1-7 pm estrn raid times
Mon/Tue 6-10 pm estrn raid times
Wed/thur/Fri no raiding.

Melee PVP is 24/7
and 10 times xp boost to get you to max so you can enjoy the other parts of the game.

Do you know of any tribes recruiting?

Not really. But log in and message. If an admin is on, we will add you to the ps group chat. there may be people in there that know more. As admins, we stay out of alot of the pvp society aspects. We are their for support mainly, and build dungeons.

I’m on PC man.

Id be in to joining your clan. psn L—Salty—L

Hell Yea bro

Search for Scorpion13 on steam. Send a friend request and I’ll fill you in on info