New users can not upload images

I’ve been active for a week and posted a couple of threads. I wanted to post an advertisement for a new server and it won’t let me do the banner and images. How long until I’m no longer a “new user”? X number of posts? 2 weeks? 2 years?

Hey there,

“Trust level” increases based on general participation on the forums; e.g. time spent viewing topics, number of topics read, etc. You should meet the minimum requirements to post an image at this point however. :thinking:

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herm… yeah I would have thought so too. Ah well guess I’ll try to do a web page then link that. TY for the reply.

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@JoeB Going by Andy’s response (and your"Basic" badge) he has been extra nice and upped your trust level already to be able post images. Try updating your initial post with an edit, you should be able to post pics…

oh thank you!

I’m having same problem as well.

You are able to already.


Yes it appears so thank you.

If anyone’s still having issues even after meeting the requirements feel free to reply.

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