New Xbox private PvP Official alike

Hi guys , I want to invite you in my private PvP server on Xbox 40 slot , it’s called Sword of Crom …
What’s change compared to an Official ?

  • I’m helpful with new players and I base my server on your feedback

  • I do not allow foundation spam, block of obelisks, brimstone and points of fundamental resources spawn

  • Harvesting it’s same as an official ( but with events of max x4 )

  • Npc life and damage it’s 1.5 ( a little bit more dangerous walk around my Lands … trust me… a stupid hyena can become satan but it’s even more challenging )

  • Xp rate its same as official

  • Npc spawn 0.5 ( official is 1 )

  • Thrall taming it’s 0.5 ( official is 1 )

My server is what an official should be. Clear of abuses and hard, but I do some Xp and Harvesting event ,
Player pvp it’s all day but construction damage is restricted
I’ll make events , personal dungeons created to be challenging for all ( fight for the prize ) , arena tournament and more
( I was thinking of introducing immunity raid until level 60 but I wait a community feedback Before adding it)

Yesterday we had our first event and people fought for 2 hours for the winner prize ,
Join on server discord :
The swords of Crom is waiting you :fire: