Next Building Set "Expansion" -- Domes and Minarets of Turan

I’ve been thinking of which building set I’d like to see “expanded” like the Stormglass Cathedral was in the Chapter 2 Bazaar. My conclusion is the Turanian set.

Pieces added:

  • 4x4 and 8x8 domes
  • Pointy 2 high pillars suitable as a minaret
  • Double door that is only one wall thick
  • Loose lattice style windows (not glass, promote air flow in hot climate)

Those would be cool, but honestly, I’d like to see the base game sets get expanded first, particularly in insulated wood.

As far as dlc, I’d like to see frontier get an update with fences that don’t have spikes, frames with larger windows, and perhaps walls (and frames and all other variants) that have the interior design on both sides. It’s arguably the most beautifully designed AND ugliest set at the same time. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


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