Next Conan Exiles Live Stream when?

Hello together .

Any Infos about the next Conan Exiles dev stream yet?The last live stream was a month ago,my question is now : When is the next Conan Exiles live stream,can’t wait anymore.

By the way : Still waiting for Eating/Drinking/Bandages Animations ,hope devs are looking into that one ,it’s requested from the Community .

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My guess is not the next week, but the one after. Jens and Natascha handle the Conan Exiles streams though so I would need confirmation from them about it. Next Thursday’s stream will likely be a Mutant Year Zero stream. So on August the 8th, we’ll have an Exiles stream where we also show off the winners of the building contest. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Nicole. :slight_smile: That was a Quick Respond,and Informative as well.

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