Night and day time frame

Has anyone else has really random time frames for night and day, for me its been day time for the past hour or 2 RL

What are you playing on? Single player, or a server? What are the server settings for the day/night time cycles? Is the catch up timer on in the server settings?

playing single player, will check the day setting thing

i was not admin so ive checked myself as one and will see if that works

Admin shouldn’t matter. I would just make sure you have your server settings for Day/Night set to standard, which is 1.0 across the board. As well as enable catch up time.

believe it or not soon as i set admin the cycle started even the sky frozen setting was on to 0o


The default for the game (whether solo or on a server) is to have catch up time used. So for a new character, they are at NOON till the server would normally catch up with that time. When you entered admin mode, the game didn’t consider the character a newbie anymore.

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I’ve experienced this a few times myself, that’s why I always enable admin rights whenever I load my SP save just in case the sky is set to frozen, it’s been happening pretty much since launch on and off.

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