I have a question for the players

I have a question about when I play in single player mode, let’s say I quit the game when it’s night in the game and when I immediately go into the game it’s already morning there, is this a bug or should it be?

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I believe it’s an optional server setting. By default it’s always on to give new players logging on daylight even if the server time is night.

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In your server settings > day and night cycle > uncheck the catch up time. The database should save the in-game time of day when you exit and resume when you load back in.


Catch up time is a feature that enables new characters to always start in the daytime. That way new players aren’t starting out in low light conditions. Basically you start with 10 a.m. conditions and stay there until the server time matches yours, then time starts flowing normally.

But I guess from what the previous posts indicate, it does funny stuff with regards to single player since you are the server rather than you connecting to a server. I couldn’t say for sure because I never paid that close attention to it and it never really bothered me.


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