Save time on exit?

Hey folks! I’m playing single here and I’ve noticed that every time I exit the game and then continue playing it - the time is always set to mid-day (12) even if I exited during the night time…
So is there some option somewhere to make a game save current time of the day on exit?

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Yepp, the default is noon.
I would be happy too, if the game would remember the time we exit. I don’t know why it does not save it.

Because single player games reset everything each time you log in since it’s a server restart.
For the night and day you can set the hour of the day in the Admin panel and freeze it. If you log off with the time frozen, it’s still the same hour when you log in back.

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Oh, thanks.
Then this is another problem which caused by the game being so strongly tied to online. Yayy.

One thing you can do on pc if you want to have the benefit of online but not actually play online (if you have a spare 5-8 GB of ram depending on mods) is run the dedi server launcher on the same machine and host a server just for your own use. You can then connect with the local IP with it set to multihome (there’s a checkbox). As long as the pc is on, it will keep running crafting and the day/night cycle. It takes some setting up but isnt too difficult and once its set, its pretty benign.

And there lies the problem for some (me for sure).
I don’t let my PC on, just to use energy and have potential disasters. For example: it’s been a rough 2 weeks with storms, rain as much as the monthly average only in ONE day, lot of power outages, and lightning strikes.
Plus, me and my parents have different work times, so there are a lot of times when the PC would run unmonitored. And if some connection goes wrong, and catches a fire… same with lightning (and data loss would be the smallest problem here)… that’s a big problem.

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Yeah I could totally see why someone wouldnt do it. Just an option that some might not be aware of that could work for a given situation.

I don’t play single player much and I’m not at all concerned about the issue you’re describing for my own play, but have you tried turning off “Use Catch Up Time” or whatever it is in settings? The time of day when you log off “may” be in the game.db file, but if it is, it will be over-ridden by Catch Up if that setting is on.

Catch-up only applies to new characters. If a character is created say in the evening of game time. Its kinda messed up to start them in the dark. So instead it is daytime (or whatever time you set in the catchup time). It remains that time of day (the sun is locked in the sky for them) until the server catches up to them and then they continue along normally.

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