Ingame Time always noon after game start

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: germany

No matter what time you leave the game, it is always lunchtime when you restart.

Yes this a problem for me too since I started playing this game! The game forgets what’s the ingame time is when you log out in SP! When logging back the next day it is noon! Always! I use admin panel to make it morning so the night won’t come too soon.

This isn’t a problem guys, its by design. It’s a time catch up feature. You’ll be held in daytime until you match server time and then you’ll get night time with the rest of the players already in the game.

It’s to help you, so that you don’t launch the game in the middle of the night. I believe you can disable this feature.

Ah, good tip, I think I saw an option for it somewhere in the menu. I just didn’t connect the whole thing - but for the start of the game it makes sense.


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Wasn’t that just for new players? At least I’ve read it that way.

I thought so too, but it does seem like that’s whats happening.

Find this Option but it doesn’t work in Singleplayer not sure in MP.

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