Dear dev, please consider this

please make the timecycle saved when logging in and out sp its rediculous the time of day would constantly reset to mid day every time you log in even if you log off in the middle of the night.


Turn off, Catch up time?

I forget… I think its catch up time that causes it. I log out at night and back into night, on my end. Or inless new patch goofs it. =/

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I’ve always had catch-up time switched off (because that was what I expected to be the cause), but as long as I’ve been playing it’s always reset the time on me to midday when I log in. I wonder if it’s just one of those differences between PC and console?

I’d certainly like to find a way to stop it - it just feels wrong, lol.

Edit: Huh - I just hopped back into my current game - Catch Up time is indeed switched off. I also tried messing with the slider beneath, but no effect. I’m starting to think this might be a long running bug that’s just never been realised because we assumed it was just how it was supposed to work. I certainly can’t find any other setting that looks like it would apply. Since it seems it’s working correctly on console, I wonder if anyone else knows anything about this on PC?

i hve no catch up time on… and im on oc and sp…i heard its cus the sp consider the sp logging in like a server reset and its set on spasofic time…so every time ill log off even at night and come back it would reset the time…

i want this ■■■■■ to get sorted …im waiting for this feature to be changed since the game launched…
if skyrim and other games that use timecycle like this can solve this in sp and make the game saved with the corrent time the world was i dont see why they dont trying to solve this…

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