Night-eye does not work

Official PVE-conflict server.

I never posted in any forum but struggle is real.

I searched and that issue was reported several times in 2019. its 2021 and I see same bug.
Night-eye status effect (used night vision potion) only makes colour greyer and makes light creepy and does not work in dark at all.
there are plenty of bugs which I googled and most of them lasts for years without resolving them. I dont mind bugs, all games have them and they get fixed eventually but Conan Exiles bugs lasts for years without fixing. I am considering to stop playing game. just wanted to hear what Funcom does about bugs.
for example archery. I checked and I dealt less damage with 50 accuracy than with below 40 acc. night vision does not work. I cant build structures often in the center of foundations because they “are not allgined well with foundation” . I am playing for few months and when I checked those bugs exists from the beginning, are reported from plenty of users and still they never get fixed.

In your settings, turn your post-processing to high (or ultra).


Like Amerixe just said, your Post Processing needs to be set to High (or higher) for Night Eye to work.


thx it worked

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