Night eye potion

is this meant as purely cosmetic? It does nothing to help me see at night, just turns the light sources white

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That’s what it was like for me on the Exiled Lands map. For some reason it isn’t nearly as effective as it is on Siptah. Makes me wonder if it is intentional or not.

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I have tried them on PlayStation and they help you see at night.
You can see everything, kinda black and white, but you can see it all.


This one is on PlayStation.
They work in dark situations.
But if you dare use them with even mediocre lighting, the screen becomes a white out.


Played with it just couple hours ago, everything cool, EL Map, i hope we get some kind of similar spells


check your gamma setting

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Show us what night potion looks like in cimmeria at night …

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It enhances the light around. Moonlight looks like midday. Raining night is still hard to see but can manage to navigate. Lightning is just annoying because it’s raining with flashes are bring light.

I am affraid I must agree with you here. The night eye potion is inadequate for the function it was designed for. It is like it increases the light by around ~15% or thereabouts. While it may be barely satisfactory at times, I find the difference it make in most instances is negligible, and most of the time I do not even bother with it. As even when I do use it, I still run off cliffs when towing thralls back to base at night, and we no longer have the Cat Like perk to act as a safety buffer.

My genuine advice to you @WanderingTruncheon…either find the Glimmermoon legendary weapon as soon as you can, or do what I used to do beforehand. Wherever feisable, stop, unhook your bindings, and stand there and wait alongside the unconscious thrall until daybreak.

I can’t remember how well Argossean Dream Dust works at night. I only tested it once under moonlight so it might do the same as Night eye.
It truns everything blue like the night eye ability in Oblivion did. I kind of liked that

Night Potion works, same as Argossean Dream Dust but needs timing.
When u use it at the right moment, wich is - when dark sets in - load the potion.

Then - kinda you will have a lit- night, untill the next morning.
Its not perfect but certainly usable.

Alternative, prefer the Nightstalker- mask ( drops in unnamed city boss)
Effect is the same, but - you can equip it like on and off, compared to the potion wich you need to sit the potion untill it wears out.

Like in - when its too bright you can take the mask off as with the potion you stay quasi blinded.

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