Night of Lost Souls Private Servers

Will Lost Souls event be able to be added to private servers? I no longer play on offical but would hate to not be able to participate in this.

Night of Lost Souls is added to all servers, though unfortunately the announcement on April 1st was confirmed to be a April fools joke by the Devs I am assuming because of how much negativity surrounding the last Night of Lost Souls and Funcom thought it would be funny to make a April fools joke about it. Kinda made me sad to find out it wasn’t coming back once I found out it was just a joke but I’m not angry about it, but they got me good with that April fools joke :stuck_out_tongue:

More than likely if Night of Lost Souls returns, it will be around Halloween, since that’s what it was the first time, a Halloween event.

Dang and I was gonna take the day off…

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