Night of the lost souls?

So, is it happening or is it april fools ?
No patch time or patch on steam, what ya think?

I’ve currently got the desync bug and hoping that this is real to get a server restart. Knowing my luck though, prolly bs.

Were getting bugs again cant craft armors again and crafting station get fck again

Funcom! How dare you to give us mounts after such a long time, always pretending its being impossible to do so, and now we get it just for an event! Good job giving it a 24h timer such as nobody can keep them after the event. And yes, even preservation boxes can’t keep it… :rage:

Btw, you gave the horse a camel icon. If you can do a horse model, your artist could make a icon, too!:unamused:


Night of lost souls is only at night correct? Cause I just got on my server and it’s day time and everything seems normal that’s why I’m asking

Or is night of lost souls for the pc version only? It’s night and nothing I’m on Xbox Official server 2504

Or its april fools day.


It must be aprilfools, nobody could be that dumb to again annoy 80% of the playerbase.

…ah wait.

Brilliant! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


The prank is especially potent and delicious with this community :3

I grinned so hard when they said: “See you in 2 weeks when we will patch it back out.”

<3 Funcom


Sooooo there ISN’T a "Night of lost souls " event then…? I didn’t have the game first time round but saw it in a youtube vid and it looked really cool and was happy when I saw the patch news this morning…

Loaded up my SP game and nothing, or is it not for single player…?

Either way, it figures… :frowning:

The night of lost souls event was cool it just lasted way to long instead of the intended 2 weeks

You can still spawn the Potion of Lost Souls via the admin panel, no idea why they didn’t patch it out.

It worked!! I turned on my xbox, loaded up CE and then turned off the TV and continued to play… I had same visual experience as the last time. I must say my blind fighting technique has stayed sharp especially with the additional 600 feat points I put into it. :grin:

Thanks for the chuckle


It was an April Fools joke :slight_smile:

If you take the first letter of each paragraph, it even spells out “April Fools” :wink:


Well, we guessed so, thanks for the clarification tho:)

I liked the chop chop message too, you guys like livin on the edge dont you?

Well played

LOL…i was had


I was actually a little disappointed it was a joke. I just started a new game on a friend’s server and would have liked the extra loot :money_mouth_face:

That being said, I hope they do the event again this year (but maybe for less time?) as it’s the only way I know of to get repair kits for legendary weapons.

Is there some other way to get them?

Farm bosses in the unnamed city… or a purge blacksmith