No changes on the fatal white-struchture Visual

I did post about same nasty white-Visual desaster on the surounding Aerea od Conjan exils, The exiled lands. Even i postet this 14 days ago, there is still no chnage about it. Like it is atm, the game is realy ruined, should it remain like it is.

If you are talking about the bugged background where the mountains look white (really noticeable at night), the next update should fix it. It is currently in Testlive for the PC but once that patch is released on PC it should be another 2-4 weeks before it hits consoles. You can read more about it here (#4 under General Bug fixes). Checking out the PC test live usually gives you a good idea what is going to be in the next patch; even on consoles.

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It is an annoying bug. You can use a night eye potion of dream dust and once they wear off your vision will be normal and the distant terrain renders fine until you log off.

It’s not a solution but it’s a work around, hopefully it will be fixed in the next update

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