No decay time official server

No decay timers official servers ?

So I checked several servers as well as the settings and it says also that building abandonment is disabled ?


Aha… Thanks for reply.

I read that and wonder if this means that the timers we were waiting too run out will now be started over when the timers on xbox start up again on Jan 21 Upset that any buildings that were abandoned now have at least a month left on them. Kinda defeats the purpose of decay timers. Would rather use explosives against the enemy and not to clean up a spot that has old bases that have been abandoned

I see this post, yet I log in last night and all my fish traps decayed, even though I had just pulled stuff out of them the day before. What did you do funcom?

@masticore the decay is only disabled on xbox, pc + ps4 have extended timers but small structures and placeables placed directly on the ground will still decay very quickly.

@masticore build a fishing house and place your fish traps inside this way you’ll get full decay timers

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