Decay timers off removed building information needed to build a base that can last more than a few hours or days

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance & Misc
Region: global

I just read that decay timers for xbox were turned off so it’s not a bug, but there are a couple problems with this:

Building bases, or just placing torches, benches, etc., which can last longer than an hour or a day, (let alone the max decay time) relies on knowing if your buildings & placeables are large enough or close enough to the main base to adopt the timer. If you can’t tell (repair hammers just show “Decays in: -”) and then building abandonment hours revert back to 1 week (or two) on January 21st, people are going to lose things within an hour, or a day or two, depending on the size of the building/base or distance of placeables from foundations.

Land claim spam. Any single block or torch can and will remain until Jan 21st. Not too long considering that with the excessive crashing, even with the 14 day decay, it was still difficult to keep bases up - but still a lot of junk can build up in that time. And then players still have to wait until it decays.

The server message also just says decay timers were extended for the holiday instead of that the were turned off.

I suggest setting Abandonment to 3 weeks until the patch to give players some extra time, while still giving decay time feedback to builders.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a single foundation or placeable.
  2. Use a repair hammer to see ownership, repair requirements and decay time details
  3. The detail: Decays in: - will appear
  4. Check the server settings for Abandonment on official servers. It shows as dishes
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