No experience when crafting from shortcut

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When crafting house tiles I get xp for it. Except when I am using the shortcut bar (pressing the number of the greyed out item).

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  1. take materials for at least 2 items and craft one of them from the normal inventory menu and exit inventory
  2. see how your xp-bar fills up a bit as soon as the item is finished
  3. drag the item into the shortcut bar. then place it or trash it so that you have none left in the inventory
  4. press the number where you dragged the item. it starts to craft the second item.
  5. see how the xp-bar does NOT fill up when the item is finished.

I think i lost quite a bit of xp this way, especially as one can craft bulk this way by pressing the shortcut number several times as long as the 1st item is not finished yet.

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Sadly this is an old bug that they are aware of.

Wait, what? I guess this is why I got nowhere XP-wise on the latest few tiers of my build… Damn. It may be an old bug, but it’s not universally known. I guess I’ll have to start crafting using the build menu instead…

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Thank for the report

I didn’t know about this bug and crafted most of my new base parts using the shortcut bar…

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