No Greaters not a single one

For the first times since this game opened, Im 15:0 no greaters.
Using blooms, not using blooms, no one on our official server can make a greater anything.
3 batches of 5 wolves, not a single greater.
The pattern has been 1 in 5, if you get 0 in 5, the next batch you will get 1 or even 2.
This weekend, zero greaters. Not on an official server, even tried on a modded serve.
What gives?


Odd, my wife isn’t having any issue amassing greaters on our private server. She uses shadebloom when possible, but not always…

I suggest keep trying! Sounds like a run of bad luck.

Make sure you’re using Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat. Its a 30% chance of greater for wolves.

I found making 10 u get better return

I also am having a slump in greaters,
I have gotten 1 out of 25 tries, and that 1 was without shade spice after 15 tries with shade spiced meat.


Randomness can be painful and unforgiving. Weeks of farming, 0 Swords of Crom. Then in one day I got 2.

FWIW over the past week or so I have put 4-5 sabretooths in a small animal pen with shadespice, 2 were greaters (official pve).

Ive been making these for like 4 years, I know every way to do them.
Something is messed up in the last few weeks.
Guess Ill waste more time next week.
BTW I have 18 Greater wolves form months ago. They all came out like they are susposed to.
Nothing as fun when folks attack you to dump out a gaggle of greaters.

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I grew 79 greater bears at one point so you can imagine the number of regular bears I gave away or “set free” into the void.

It just goes like that sometimes. Sometimes I got 4 batches straight with nothing but regular bears using the proper super-foods (that’s 20:0), and sometimes I got 100% all five Greater Bears using just honey. The majority of times however, were in line with the percentage claims for the foods used - and overall after all 79 were created the averages were right on the money with what the Wiki states they are - I mean, like exactly

I made gold farm , I have over 26 gold vines and it I have 60 regular rock nose , I am planning on dumping someone

Which kind of animal pen are you using?

Using the new smaller one, I found a curious bug: If a hyena pub turns into a greater hyena, it gets deleted. Normal adults spawn just fine.

May be caused by mods, may be specific to hyenas, may also happen with the regular animal pen - haven’t tested it extensively. But maybe have a look at that.

Not pen related. Just a bug.

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After 3 batches of 5 hyena pups, I got 0/15 greaters… I gave up. This was after the 2.7 update on Official PvP server

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After all the complaining I’ve done to my dear friend @droch-aon about Hatchling unavailability, it would’ve been devastating to end up with no Greaters. Thanks for confirming, @TenJumpChump and for reporting, @Hyborian_Jones.

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2.8 is already on pace, ir was this on test server? Just checking if patch dropped yet.

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Sorry. The Grave Matters update 2.7 is what I meant. I’ll correct my previous post.

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No worries. I’m still work and was wondering if it dropped.

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