Loosing Greater Hyena tames

So i have two pens. I task
M a total of probably 20 hyenas. Not including the 5 greaters I should’ve gotten with shadespiced stringy meat that completely vanished on me. I check my logs, no one stole them. They didn’t die, it was like they were never there even though I know I filled both pens completely full. Is there any fix for this. Or is there anyway I can get them back? Idk if it’s possible of if some admin intervention could fix the issue. But it would be awesome to just get at least one of those greaters back for all the time spend on it. But I doubt that can happen so any help would be appreciated.

Search for and rule out expiration timers on the shadespiced items.

Even with Shade Spice, chances are average at best…

HOWEVER! Its been reported greater Hyenas (by a few users) have been going POOF!

I havn’t seen Staff comment on it yet. Havn’t follow most of threads about it.

On Another forum however, It was noted, (confirmed by user) they had a baby in there, gave it food. And when they came back, they would have empty pen time to time (SP) They could get Hyena’s, but have yet to get a Greater.

Could be something going on.

That’s what’s been happening to me. And that’s why I made sure to fill my pens so I knew exactly how many I’d loose. And when there aren’t any greaters at all, all of them are there. But every now and then one or more go missing and nothing on the logs. And I’ve never had a greater out of now 28 hyenas. And there have been threads on Reddit and it’s been an issue. Idky it hasn’t been fixed yet. Put a lot of effort into something I can’t even get atm.

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As soon as I made the shadespice I put it in the pen with the cubs. I haven’t made shadepice in volume. Only what I need to use at the moment. So it’s not that. And I only need one per pet. They won’t eat anything else until after maturity.

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They have. It is a known issue.


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