Are there still greater pets?

Are greater pets still in the game post update? I’m asking because I’ve trained probably 35 or 40 pets using what I think is the right food, and still haven’t gotten a greater. Playing solo on PC. Probably just luck of the draw but since there were so many changes to pets and thralls thought I would ask. I’m training them in the base animal pen, using exotic flesh for panthers, exotic shellfish for shalebacks, and feral flesh for hyenas.

Yes there are. What are you trying for and what good are you using

Panther, shaleback or hyena for now since they are readily available. Mentioned the food above but to repeat: exotic flesh for panthers, exotic shellfish for shalebacks, and feral flesh for hyenas.

You get a higher chance by using the shadebloom things… And its also 2 hours shorter to “craft” the pet.
Click on the Shadespiced food, then you should see the % chances.

Also if you browse it on your phone: Change the view-mode for the Wiki to “desktop mode”. The mobile version is just horrible.

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I’ve been doing hyena’s and wolves and I usually get one greater out of the five. It sounds like you got hit with a bad streak of rng

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Out of curiosity which hyena variant are you training? I’ve been doing the striped ones found in the east north of newb river.

I had a bad streak as well, a total of 50 babies, no luck. Mostly Jags and Lions. Eventually I got a greater Jag and then a Greater Hyena. So yea, they are happening. I would also say, keep putting Hyena in the pen until you get a greater. You will see why when you get one.
(I use striped, under the unamed city but I don’t think that plays in to it)

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Definitely go with the shade spiced food for most pets, if I recall correctly you end up averaging 1/5 greater versions, but it is luck of the draw so don’t be surprised if you get a whole batch of duds or 3+ greater out of a single batch. I think the regular preferred food is around a 15-17% chance, so the numbers you mention aren’t surprising.

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Not to brag, just data: I put in 5 hatchlings with shadespiced perfect cut and got three greaters this morning.

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Some guy did a youtube vid where he did 100 each of several pets and showed the results, and he got a lot more greaters from the spotted variety. Might just have been a lucky streak though, since 100 draws isn’t really that many.

Currently my base is right at the sentinels at noob river so I just grab the spotted ones and use feral flesh because it’s easier unless I get some shadebloom from corrupted beasts which spawn pretty good in that area

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