Greater Pets what am I missing? 🤷🏻‍♂️

So I have a t3 pen, I’m using shadespiced raw tough meat and tiger cubs. Ive currently got 4 in the oven. They will be numbers 26-30 so far no greaters. Am I doing something wrong or does rng have it in for me??

Rng has it in for you. Try using shadspiced exotic meat for the best chance

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That’s what I’ve been using. It hasn’t happened for me yet but :slightly_frowning_face:

Only the one pen? I had up 9 for trying to get gold vien rocknoses

Lol I couldn’t be bothered with all the mats. I’m not in any hurry just making sure I was doing it right.

Lol its a hit and miss thing with most the pets. They lowered the chance of getting the better ones hence why doing more at the same time is easier to make sure you get one or two

Just to be sure:

You’re trying to pet Tiger cubs with Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat (exotic flesh + shadowbloom).

Is it right ? Tigers, not sabretooths nor jaguars.

If it’s correct than yeah, you’re doing right but you had terrbile bad luck, on 30 cubs you usually obtain an average 8-9 White (Greater) tigers.

But it’s an average value, considering this: I wasted a dozen tiger cubs having no Greater tiger, than last time I pet them I had a 5/5 success.

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Oh they are quite terrible! 18 eggs and only 2 gold ones. Not Shadowspiced food although, just ordinary Gold Dust (I didn’t have enough Gold then). I play SP so I exchanged every 5 ordinary grown-up ones for 1 Gold-vein :wink: And I’ve got a White Tiger rather easily, but not a Greater Wolf. Terrible rnd.

Update one of the four finally came out a white tiger :ok_hand: 1 outta 30 :man_facepalming:t2: Hope those numbers don’t continue :joy:

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The good news is that averages tend to even out over time.

The bad news is, someone else may be the lucky recipient of that :stuck_out_tongue:

(yes yes I know, statistics don’t really work that way)


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