Tiger pet food question

I tamed 15 tigers, 10 with Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat which according to https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Tiger_Cub_(Pet) is supposed to be the best taming food and 5 with Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat which shows as the favorite food in a tigers Diet window.
Can anyone confirm that these foods do give White tigers as a result?

I can confirm that Shadespiced Raw Succulent can give the White Tiger. I have a 25% success rate with it so far (though that’s from 1/4 tames, so hardly statistically significant). My very first tame was that White Tiger, since then it hasn’t worked.

I haven’t tried the Tough Meat yet, but I wouldn’t take the wiki as gospel (which I suppose you don’t, hence your question here).

Thanks for the confirmation.
All the other types of pets that i got seem to work out pretty well from that website (i tame pets in groups of 5 of the same type since i dont trust the way they divide food in the pen) . Just with this one i seem to have no luck and with a chance of less then 1% of the event not occurring i thought it better to ask!

Shadespiced Tough Meat can confirm that increases the chances to get a great panther, I tried it myself. I put 5 panthers in the pen and got 2 great and 3 regular.

Were talking about tigers here?

Mikey mentioned it that’s why I commented.
For tigers you need Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat, it gives you about 25-30% chance to get a greater version.
If you didn’t get any great tigers just keep trying, you will get one soon enough. I guess you just had bad luck lol

I’m assuming all great cats have the same chances, but that’s all it is: an assumption.

I think chances are the same but not with the same type of food. That would not be logical seeing that their Diet boxes arent the same either.

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