No HUD - Online or Singleplayer - Update

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] - Both GPortal Rented Server and SP
Problem: [Bug]
Region: ['Merica]

Players on our servers have noticed that occasionally when we log into the G-Portal Rental Xbox Server that we are missing the HUD.

Up until now, we were not able (or forgot) to test the SP at the time of the issue. This morning when I noticed that I did not have a HUD in the server, I went to the main screen and logged into my SP game to notice that the HUD was missing there too.

I think I might have found the cause, but I will need to test it again to verify. Last night when I left the server, I DID NOT go back to the main menu prior to shutting down my console. I exited the game by shutting down the console.

Once I restarted the console this morning after seeing I was missing the HUD, it returned as normal. I will test it again later and provide an update to see if shutting down the console without first going to the main menu screen to exit the game is what might be causing this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into game and play.
  2. Shut down console WITHOUT going to main menu first.
  3. Log into game to find missing HUD (need to test again to verify)
  4. Restart the console to get the HUD back.

Hello @Valkyrja, thank you for your submission!

Were you able to replicate this behavior consistently?

The first attempt to replicate the issue by just shutting the console down did not work. I will try it a few more times.

A clanmate had HUD issues on the same day and could not get the HUD to reappear after a reboot. I do not know how they shut down their console.

@Hugo - I did another test last night and something very quirky happened.

I played with a clan mate and went to the Warmaker’s Quarters. When I left and went back to camp near on the northeast side of the Great Dam. I shut the console down without first going to the main menu.

I planned on checking the HUD this morning, but my clan mate contacted me that they were stuck inside because I had the Inner Sanctum Key.

When I logged into the game, I would start to walk and then get booted out to the main menu after about 60 seconds. I made three attempts to log in and each time I was booted to the main screen after about 60 seconds.

I rebooted the console and was able to log into the game normally.

I am going to keep playing around with this to see if I can get any of it to replicate again.

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@Hugo - Here is the update. There is definitely an issue when someone shuts down the console directly from playing the game versus returning to the Main Menu and then shutting down the console.

After playing on the rented G-Portal Xbox Server yesterday, I shut down the console without first going to Main Menu and here are the results.

1st Logon Attempt today:
Starting the game and selecting the server, it did not prompt for password and once I was in the game I immediately received a LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER message.

2nd Logon Attempt today (without restarting the console):
Starting the game and selecting the server, it did not prompt for password. Initially there was no mesh and my character was suspended in a falling animation below the terrain followed by the mesh appearing and once standing on land I could not see the HUD.

3rd Logon Attempt today (no return to Main Menu, but straight to RESTART CONSOLE)
Starting the game and selecting the server, prompted for password.
HUD returned and game play function as normal.

Conclusion: I would assume there are game files that are not closing down correctly attributing to these issues. I did confirm that one of my clanmates did in fact SHUT DOWN CONSOLE without first going to MAIN MENU and also had the issue of NO HUD.

Let me know if you wanted me to test this any further. At this point, I think that I have successfully replicated the problem several times.

Thank you for taking the time to test and share your findings with us, we’ll be sure to register this matter for the developers to look into.

As to prevent any possible issues for online sessions or even data loss ( worst case scenario ) for single player ones, please ensure that you exit to the menu rather than shutting down the console whenever possible.

I have let my clan members know what was revealed during this testing.

Most of the time I go back to the main menu, but there were a few times that I had to quickly get out of the game and just shut down the console.

I am glad to help.

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