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Season 7 starts TOMORROW!!!

Join the Discord above and get in your applications. We have over 60 applicants and more and more applying each day.

Make sure to get in on the fun of the first weeks, establish yourself, make frienenemies.

We are waiting for you exiles.

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I’ve been around since the opening on August 15th after Cataclysm retired and I’m loving it. The pvp coupled with perma-death gives your experiences more life as you need to value your choices. Hopefully with some more RP decorations I’ll be able to finish my place and open up my Rp story to wanderers.

The community is hype active and addictive. Definitely give it a look if you’re looking for more than simple tavern Rp.

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Most RP servers shoot themselves in the foot with things like gather rate x5, experience x5, /sethome, death porting enabled, /warp volcano and so on. So in a few days most other RP servers out there are clogged with hundreds of immersion breaking-breaking monstrous buildings. This also results in a bloated database and lag, and requires admins to constantly spend their time destroying buildings that break server build rules and ultimately requires a wipe every two months or even more frequently.

Game of Thralls is different.

Resources are scarce (this is a survival game). Wolves are feared predators (as they should be) Bosses are actually BOSSes. Nords are not wimps that you can wade into a mob and 1-shot kill 5 in one blow. PvP is NOT a just RNG to see who gets a lag spike first. Without all that database bloat on other servers, combat is as smooth as you can get on CE.

If you are bored with standard “easymode” RP servers, then this one is worth a look.

And … there is the RP. With the in-house mod, it is impossible to thrive without cooperating with others in-character. The environment encourages (even requires) lore appropriate RP. In fact, those who refuse to RP cannot get certain “good loots”. The mod code is a built-in protection against 99% of trolls, griefers and “meta-first” players. This saves the admins 90% of the time admins on other servers spend issuing “strikes” and “warnings”, and allows them to spend more time contributing to an immersive environment in-character.

Finally, it has a very friendly OOC discord environment that lacks the OOC “meta vs RP” “who killed who” drama that plagues so many other PvP-RP servers.

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Sure sounds fun, if it wasnt for the theatrical application proces.

Hey there!

The Game of Thralls community is around for almost two years by now and to reach our goal of high level immersion and high role play standarts, an application process is a necessity.
Surely our community is not for anyone, though exactly that is why we have choosen this path of vetting new community members before they possibly ruin the fun for others.

If there is anything you belief to be inherently wrong inside the application process itself, feel free to send me a message though! :slight_smile:


This server single-handedly brought me back to Conan. It’s good stuff, especially if you’re into RP.

Good day everyone,

I just wanted to comment on this thread since my last one. The state of the server is as strong as ever. The admins are active and always looking to find new ways to make the experience for Conan Rpers more interesting. I’ve played on a lot of Rp servers like Mirgy and I’ve yet to find one that gives me that “Game of Thrones” feeling. Not so much the show but that tension of where stories will go. Politics and the threat of getting a permadeath from PVP or just saying the wrong thing is what makes this so fun. It’s all player driven content as well. One moment you could be hanging out in your settlement, next you’re attacked and captured by a player that was hired by another player for who knows what. It’s all diversive and entertaining.

If you’re looking for more than just the tavern RP some servers provide, which is fine for some, and want a rush when you’re making choices, give our server a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The application process is used on basically every RP server that cares about their player base. It’s a simple 5 minute DM to an admin that shows you’re intentions on the server. If we didn’t have it, then people who didn’t have RP in their interests would join and destroy the community that has been so active. It’s not for everyone and I’m sorry you feel that way about it. You have to interview to get a job. This is the same thing. We want people who have the server’s interests at heart. And it works.