No me sirven las flechas explosivas

He intentado disparar flechas explosivas y es imposible.
No se descuentan del inventario, ni se disparan ni hacen ruido… nada.
Alguna solución?

¿Te funcionan bien otras flechas?

¿Que es lo que ocurre exactamente cuando tratas de disparar una flecha explosiva? ¿Se ve la animación de apuntar con el arco, jalar la cuerda, etc.?

¿Estás jugando con mods?

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No, this is a Norwegian forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, this is a forum for people from all across the globe. There is no rule or even a guideline that specifies that you should write in English.

There are, however, guidelines against throwing a temper tantrum about the choice of language and falsely accusing people of racism.

Then you weren’t looking closely enough. I’ve personally seen people answer questions in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and French.

When I see a question in Spanish, I often answer in Spanish because it’s one of the few languages I speak, so I can use that knowledge to help communicate more clearly with someone who is having a problem, rather than forcing them to go through the translator and possibly lose some of the meaning in translation.

No, it’s not. You might want to try to understand what racism even means before accusing people of being racist.

Also, maybe try to actually contribute something to the forums before complaining about other people’s contributions.


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