The new arrows, some feedback

The new arrows look very nice at first, but when you try them its becomes obvious they need a LOT work… After some little testing I came with some conclusions, please feel free to add your comments

  1. Poison Arrows: Definitely the only good arrow in the list. Reasonable material cost and very potent area damage over time, to balance things the arrow can also damage you so it cant be spammed, specially at close range. I was disappointed with the abusive weight. 5.00 per stack of 10, it really could be less. I was disappointed Flame Arrows would not detonate the poison smoke.

  2. Light arrows: I was so much excited for this arrow and it turns to be the WORSE arrow Funcom added! It weights as much as the poison but deals less damage than a ironhead arrow…a stack of 50 weights 25.00, making this arrow simply inviable to kill anything. Sure, it can have SOME advantage at night time, but no player is gonna sacrifice a quickslot for a arrow may never be used save some rare occasions in a dark environment… this arrow could be the only real arrow to benefit from arrow recovery since you can SEE where it landed, but it cant be picked up. It only has downsides, not a single use.

  3. Tar arrows: Could cost less feather, the Tar wont be ignited by Flame arrows, just like the poison arrow ( This made me wonder, what use Fire Arrows have now? They wont detonate poison gas, they wont ignite oil or detonate explosive jars… they also weight too much and have low damage, I see no purpose anymore). The tar can be ignite with a fire orb, but once the existing flame is burning shooting more tar arrows wont have any effect, the flames simply wont ignite the tar from new arrows…

  4. Ivory arrows: Expensive to craft, low damage

  5. Explosive arrows: I was REALLY disappointed because this arrow seems to have created exclusively for PvP. It takes Dragonpowder to craft a stack of only 5 arrows, altho the damage is very high it simply cant be used in PvE… its just not worth the cost.

  6. Healing arrows: Just like the explosive arrows it takes Dragonpoweder… WHY???

I really think the arrows have potential but need a lot of work, SPECIALLY on the weight. Most are so heavy they simply cant be used, it just wont be worth the extra weight.

Something else I noticed, these new arrows can only be stacked in groups of 25, why this small cap??

Another big problem are the icons… they all share the same icon making it impossible distinguish them just by looking, you have to mouse hover to see its name!

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Fire arrows have alway been bugged abs useless. They have never lit anything on fire, or cause any DOT effect… useless in every way

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Do you really want to see Explosive Arrows becoming the meta game? because if they reduce cost/weight and buff damage, every exile will be using only these arrows and Rip melee combat.


I dont think I mention this anywhere in the post. Poison Arrow is a extremely good/versatile arrow (can be even used to open star metal nodes to reduce the number of fire orbs) and yet it has its downsides in combat, it cant be used as the one and only one arrow you carry, but it can be used with orbs in specific situations, making it a fun but balanced arrow.

Now we have explosive arrow, as the example you picked. Its damage is really high, but still not high enough to justify the extremely high cost (I would rathr shoot 3 snake arrows for the same output, they cost 1 branch to craft). It also weights a lot, a LOT more. Snake Arrows in the other hand cause more damage per weight, even if compared to this arrow. It takes dragonpoweder, one of the most expensive materials to craft even with a T3 alchemist! This arrow also cant be recovered if missed (obviously).

So yeah, I really think there is a loooong way to mate it a meta arrow, dont you think? Now Im not even asking that, Im asking for balanced to make this arrow actually PvE viable, because right now, it has absolute no purpose just like Fire Arrows

Well, to add more arrowsto the list I think itsimportant mention some of the old arrows that are also useless imo:

  1. Blunted arrows: These arrows are supposed to be the ranged trucheon, but they simply dont do its job! They cause minimum stamina damage and regular HP damage. Its simply impossible knockdown a thrall before killing it from damage

  2. Fire Arrows: As mentioned in the original post, this arrow has absolute no purpose. It weights a lot, it has normal damage, it doesnt add DoT, it cant ignite surfaces, it cant detonate poison gas, it cant detonate explosive jars… I really fail to see the purpose on this arrow, its basically a flint arrow that takes Brimstone to craft!

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for what fire arrow was suppose to be coded for is to hit players carrying the explosive on them and ignite them causing the player to nuke themself.

Here is a concept on the weight and stack size. The arrows aren’t simple a stone/metal tip with a sprinkle of magic. A real explosive tipped arrow head has a few different sizes but roughly all are around a golf ball size. Imagine carrying 50 golfballs with sticks coming out of them? I think 25 is a viable and safe number weight even seems spot on because the shaft is wooden and not alluminum or fiberglass so it reflects a real arrow of that kind. And let’s be real for a second about 90% of the applications for explosives is for PvP purposes. Mines are the exclusion to this.

Poison arrows with a weight of 5 per 10 makes sense considering that there are vials or a canister of some kind holding the mixture for the gas. It makes sense without going straight at magic for the reason they should weigh less or bigger stacks.

Light arrows are iffy more less a support/functionality arrow than an actual combative choice. Marking targets or lighting an area it seems an alright item. A full stack no thanks but 10-15 would be all you need for the purposes I can think of for them.

Ivory arrows no clue what the intent was there but I think it’s wasted data and time.

Healing arrows using dragonpowder is a stretch but since dragons in many cultures are a sign of vitality eh maybe.

It is sad fire arrows don’t perform more for being on FIRE.

You trully want to bring real life logic into a video game? I work with games and there is a line between reality and the video game, not all “real life” rules can be applied to games, because they are meant to be fun and entertaining.

Im sorry, but I (in fact everybody) would rather carry a sword that weights 3.00, a torch and some bandages to fill in every need these arrows could offer, with minimum effort, minimum cost and minimum weight, then spend my free time having fun bashing things and exploring. Nobody wants a 100% accurate game and they dont exist, or else you have this, arrows that nobody is gonna use, a ‘broken’ feature too close to reality when all people want is draw a weapon and kill something.

You’re wrong, the current way let “some” ppl use it, if they make it easier like you suggested, everyone will use it.

People who can’t look beyond shooting arrows at people and those you will attempt to use them in other ways like distractions, drawing in enemies, identifying/marking targets, and etc just will complain that they think the system/item is flawed. Rather than attempt to look at things differently they want them fixed the way “they” want them. I read this thread and went and took a look myself I have no issues with the way the new arrows are. Minus fire arrows not igniting poison clouds and tar and the Ivory arrows just kind of useless they really isn’t any issues. Conan isn’t a typical mmo it was built as a survival game. Even in single player I can see the benefits of the explosive arrows. When I do use a bow I don’t carry one type of arrow any more each has it’s own applications beyond just shooting a target.

Please, give me names of people who use Ivory Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Tar Arrow, Light Arrow, Razor Arrows, Bone Arrows, Blunted Arrow or Fire Arrows in PvE. None of these arrows are really worth the cost or even serve a purpose. If you tell me you use anything but Snake Arrow or Poison Arrow… you are simply lying.

The idea behind making something new is that most everybody will enjoy using that feature. It cost them money to create something and put in the game, they would have no return if just “some” people like it. Specially because Archery has been a problem for quite sometime and almost the majority, if not all, bow users are complaining about its current state. Im pretty sure its not Funcom’s interest please just “some” people at this point

From your other comment it was more than clear you dont even use a bow. You want a straight reason?

Again you talk about “marking enemies”… do you even know Light arrows pass through enemies and hit the floor? Yeah… obviously you dont, because you didnt even shoot something with this arrow.

You said is ok use dragonpowder as material because “in come cultures dragons are a sign of vitality” … really? Was it a joke?

So I would suggest you actually do some in game testing before you keep saying things like this, you obviously havent even tried the new arrows and wants to complain about my feedback.

Laughable… Just simply laughable you don’t communicate? “Hey see they guy there(shoot arrow) we need to kill him because he has their explosives.” I even stated I tested it. Before you continue with your next joke try thinking a little out of the box because your killing me with your jokes. You don’t have to hit a player to make those light arrows actually worth something.

Closest thing to these light arrows in real life would be tracer rounds. Tracer rounds even from small caliber weapons(249, 240) lead to more or bigger guns killing a target.

hi its true that the blunted arrows dont do much stun damage (and do a lot of HP damage), but in my solo game, i give 2 Archer thralls a decent bow with Blunted Arrows,
and a level 3 fighter thrall i give a good Iron Truncheon.

between them, they usually kill 1 or 2 out of every 5 enemy thralls that attack my base area (from a nearby camp), which is cool for me as its where i have most of the wheels :slight_smile:

this way, i can capture a few more (if theres enough space), and get items from the rest :slight_smile:

i like using the Stun Bow mod, (only works for me as i cant get any thralls to shoot with it though), but i usually start shooting stun arrows if am nearby to help out the thralls as they do get damaged.

i tried using poison arrows on the Large Crocodile, but didnt do any damage, and he can kill me in 2 bites lol, but the range of the poison arrows is not very far at all… maybe they would be heavier, and the fall off is coded that way, but i think the game should treat them as a little bit lighter, at least for the player.

Maybe the gator has resistance?

Like this one? Your explanation for Healing arrows use Dragonpowder is that, according to some RL cultures, dragons are a sign of vitality? Dude, do troll another topic

This is another proof you are just trying to cause trouble, how very mature! This is a suggestion forum and the devs read it for objective feedback, you are not adding any info, you are not adding any in game experience, you are not sharing any testing results. Why are you posting here?

@Asteria go somewhere else. I was speaking from the lore. Dragons in Conan lore are viewed by some of the cultures as a sign of vitality, health if your confused, and the crocodiles, haven’t looked in the dev kit yet, could have a resistance.

Before you continue to be a jerk just think before you speak. It’s a forum which last I checked was for suggestions and DISCUSSIONS. Do try to pick up on the basics.

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In Conan dragons are simply large lizard beasts that went extinct like dinosaurs. Necromancers and the like resurrect these beasts to use as enthralled beasts. They are not rhe intelligent or enchanting creatures of fairytales. The giant kings in Conan Exiles resurrected their race from an assortment of bones they unearthed to be used as sentries and arena entertainment.

Has anyone read any of the books? The hour of the dragon goes over this. It’s a collection of short stories that weren’t big enough for a book themselves. In several of these stories “dragon youth potions” are floating around but they are killing people. In the end there isn’t any dragon parts in them and it was a plot Conan stops from killing one of his friends.

He stops a necromancer from ressurecting a very huge dragon because the necromancer believes he has found a way to be immortal through dragon blood.

It’s there present day Conan has no living dragons just myths and legends inside the world.

Or because this is conan exiles and not Conan we ignore all the rest of the lore?