Light arrows, what s the deal with the weight? What is the deal with the new arrows at all?

A stack of 10 light arrows weights 5.00, more than any one handed weapon in the game.

Thank you for the new arrows, tested them all, they are useless. 1 dragon powder for 5 explosive arrows? Ivory and steel for 5 ivory arrows that do almost the same damage as snake arrows?

Thanks Funcom! Sticking with Snake arrows, as I have done for over a year, since EA day 1! Nice!

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Yeah, it looks like the new arrows still need some balancing tweaks. Definitely lighter weight.

As for damage output, it should be relative to the rarity of the materials needed. If ivory doesn’t drop very well, then the damage output should be increased. Or if the damage is where the devs want it, increase the amount of ivory drops on par with how easy it is to make snake arrows. Either way, a little balancing would be good to add to part 2 of the patch (hopefully next week).

They have ruined archery since launch, Im honestly tired of waiting for this “balance”. I put high expectation in this patch mostly because of the arrows, I was also expecting some changes in the shooting bow mechanics and we got NOTHING!

Dont waste points in the new arrows, they are simply not worth it, stick with Snake Arrows, that is the best you can do. Its is still the one and only viable arrow in this game since EA day 1, over a year ago!!


These new arrows (explosive, really c’mon) are a joke anyway, they shouldn’t be in the game in the first place, I rather have a revamp in Acc perks and bow functionally but these meme arrows.

Personally I started off as an archer but it was not entirely viable. The aiming mechanics are a little off for me, and I’m not a huge fan of the light combo.

It will be nice to be able to hold and aim as opposed to having it timed.

I wouls love to be able to retrieve arrows from bodies. They should go into their inventory. Same with javelins and throwing axes.

That said. Snake arrows are decent enough and usually I use my bow to pull enemies. Sometimes I will take things out with the poison until they get to me.

Then I apply bleeds with poisoned daggers.

Daggers are my go too. Spear is my offhand weapon.

I can’t justify speccing so high into ACC when STR, AGL , VIT fit more with what I use.

Bows and arrows just seem lacking. I really wanted to like them. Just to many downsides.


If you’re on PC, my mod may alleviate some of your archery issues:

Ivory Arrows are not currently part of the mod and are in a ‘nerfed’ state as you’ve already seen. But I will be addressing that this weekend. As for the other arrows, I’ll need to try them out myself and see if there’s anything that can be done or needs to be done. Ivory definitely has my interest atm.


While there at it why dont they make javelins and throwing axes stack so they can be used better. so you dont have to fill your wheel with them and be able to retrieve them after thrown

I wouldnt mind new arrows, if they were viable. Funcom doesnt seem to understand nobody uses anything but Snake Arrows because they are not viable. Then they add even more arrows that fall into the same concept! They are simply not worth the time/materials invested to create a small stack, everybody will continue using Snake Arrows just as before, nothing will change.

NO ONE cant expect to have archers fire explosive arrows with one single arrow in their inventory. however they should make it so it uses glands (as orbs) intead of the very expensive dragon powder. since it is AMMO and it gets depleted, i would agree to make it easier to make, but DO NOT ALLOW ARCHERS to carry unlimited special arrows by simply putting one in their bow /inventory.


Nobody is talking about thralls here.

Light arrows cannot be recovered either, the only arrow that would truly benefit from the arrow retreive feature cannot be picked up again.

there was an exploit that allow you to pick up the arrows and multiply them , by picking them up XD . i believe the weight will be fixed XD:)

To be fair, Power Shot hasn’t been added to test live yet either. While this patch was a giant surprise, I’m not surprised that Power Shot didn’t creep itself in without going through test live. Oscar definitely suggested that Archery was getting a buff in the Q & A on Friday, we just don’t see it yet. Thanks for the feedback about the arrows though, they definitely deserve a buff if they are as average as you say they are, especially considering the material cost.

I think it’s important to understand the purpose of these new arrows. They’re essentially ranged orbs meant for dealing with certain builds that could otherwise be unraidable. They should be heavy. They should be expensive.

Light arrow is not meant for siege, its pretty much a cosmetic arrow for dark environment. The old Flame arrows follow the same concept, they are no longer used to trigger explosive jars and weight the same, making the arrow virtually useless. No PvP purpose and not PvE viable due to its weight…

Now I understand explosive arrow be expensive if it has decent siege purposes, its still a bad concept because this game is not all about PvP siege.

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