Arrows are still too heavy

Game mode: Online Offical
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PVE-Conflict
Region: America

New update describes arrows as much lighter then previous version. I crafted 100 steel arrows and equipped them. My encumbrance jumped from 27% to 59%. At this rate if I equip 200 arrows I will have almost maxed out the weight I can carry.



Ironheads at 0.1 units of weight and 9 health damage, 8% arm pen
Steelheads at 0.5 units of weight and 12 health damage, 8% arm pen

5 times the weight at an increase of a third of the damage?

Actually, that ratio extends the time needed to boss-kill or encumbers the player beyond maneuverability.

Not sure I can get behind this change, even if it ‘somewhat’ increases the viability of an archer. It still is not attractive which is what I think you wanted, regardless of the sniping ability.

Single player, local PC, obviously PVE :slight_smile:

Edit: Apologies, I missed the implications this change was geared towards a seasoned 60. Although I understand the change now, the above stands true.

Do you have encumbrance att points.

18 (+9) Wolfbane (I love to loot)
I can’t remember if all pieces with bonus enc were on at the time. Sandstorm mask would have lowered that by 2.

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