No meteors since the EU server problems yesterday?

I’m playing on pve official 1013 and since the EU server problems yesterday I haven seen a single meteor shower or found a meteor in any of the usual spots, hillsides, frozen slopes and eyelet lakes.
I spend almost 3 hours yesterday and 3-4 hours today searching up there for meteors, but haven’t found anything, I’ve asked a couple of other guys on the server that I know go looking for meteors, but they haven’t seen any either since then - Are we just suddenly extremely unlucky or have others experienced the same?

After 2 days with no meteors there have been at least 2 meteor showers today, the first 1 I found 4 meteors, none of them was breakable, but the second I could break 3 of 5 although after having to change angle when throwing explosives orbs at them because certain angles doesn’t seem to do any damage to them, so everything is back to the less buggy normal :grinning:

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