No mini map and map in Transylvania

I’ve a little problem at besieged farms in Transylvania. The minimap and the map d’on’t work. I see only quests.

Have you been there before? Sometimes the maps are fairly late on the data that gets downloaded when you first enter a zone.

I had just arrived when I posted and now I’ve done some quests and still don’t have the map.

is there still a little spinning pair of arrows on the right hand side of your topbar? That’d mean it’s still downloading background data.

Ok, I’m waiting for the download to finish. Thanks for the responsiveness.

The other thing to check to help with your download is if you go to Options(Esc)->MISC, then you can check if your background download speed is being throttled.

Making sure that it’s set to unlimited will normally help make sure you get the data ASAP, though it will probably drop your frame rate whilst it’s downloading stuff!