No Official servers in list when logging in vie Game Pass

This happened several times and my guess it has to do with the way patches are distributed to game pass and is a major annoyance. You get signed in to live services, but can’t see a single official server in the server list

Make sure Battleye is installed/running if you are on PC. I think an older thread mentioned this being the issue.

you mean as an extra installation?

Never mind, now it returns fatal error, don’t even get to that screen anymore

I hate to give advice, especially if it caused by a mod, which I know nothing about, but you may want to uninstall battleye and reinstall it.

If you don’t see officials then likely you are not running the latest version of the game.

there is no mod installed on it. My son uses the gamepass version of conan and battleye should be installed as part of the application, they also state that on their website.
Also there is no update available in the ms store… the steam version is much more reliable

I tried repairing the game via apps, reset it and it just quits with fatal error when entering the menu
Steam installation runs fine

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