“No Owner” on all items! New and Old

My chests still say no owner but I can lock them

Current patch hasn’t solved the issue. Everything is is marked as “No Owner”.
Also some chests don’t appear to stay locked after server restart.

Ya but now someone killed my camel and I must kill everyone on my server not fair to others that did nothing

Simple answer to that really … don’t leave your camel out where non-clan members can reach it to kill it. Ditto to the argument that “another player” stole an item … if they can’t get to it, they can’t steal it.

It’s on US the player to protect our property … this is a desperate world of maybe criminals … just because I was falsely charged and sentenced to exile on trumped up charges doesn’t mean everyone was…
Long gone are the days of being able to leave your cars and doors unlocked, windows open and wallet in plain sight when you go out or are even when you are at home …

ditto about offline raiding …you don’t or can’t be on for a raid window … then protect your property with a god-bubble and strong defences so that any attempt to break your building to get to your valuables will be a waste of time and the cowards will go pick on an easier target.

Else where on the forum is spot to vote for or against names in the event log

Here is the post in the general discussion section about voting to see or not see names in event log on each type of official server:

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Still no solution?

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I just changed my clan name to No Owner lol. It’s confusing some of the free noobs that have been joining

Our team has issued a fix that is undergoing a few rounds of QA to see if it finally gets rid of this issue. Once it passes those tests it should be released as soon as the certification process allows it :slight_smile:

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Please dont fix it it keeps people from knowing which base is mine!

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