No owner on playerhouses

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Testlive
Version: #94750/17645
secret-world-legends Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

On my and other Buildings its say “No owner” insted of whos plase it is. Not all Buildings …

Repro steps:

I’m seeing this as well, some buildings/placeables say “No Owner” others are normal - a sign of mine indicates “No Owner” but last updated by my user name.

PC client
live (non-funcom hosted server)
version #94750/17645

Are you in a clan? Think that have something to do with it.

try creating a clan, even if you play alone.

this fixed it at least for some of the players on my server.

No but had my name till some day ago. Yes probebly it will fix it to make a clan but, i gona try.

The devs are aware of this. A patch for it is currently on “Testlive”, and will probably be implemented on the next live patch.