No Respawn and No Save On Exit

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I am playing single player on PC, on a game purchased through Steam.

If my character dies in game, the respawn message will pop up and begin counting down, but once it hits zero, nothing happens. It will simply stay on that screen indefinitely. The game is not frozen, as pressing Escape will open the menu and close it without issue.

This is annoying enough, but with the second bug, it’s rendered this game virtually unplayable. When I try to exit the game, the game will crash (it freezes this time) and won’t save properly. I have to close it through Windows Task Manager or else the frozen main menu screen will remain indefinitely. That means when I launch my game the next time, I’ve lost a lot of in-game time, usually hours of my time that didn’t get saved.

I’ve uninstalled the game while keeping my save files. That didn’t fix it. I’ve removed the game completely, with all of the save files, twice now. That hasn’t fixed anything. With the recent update, I tried reinstalling it and have been faced with the same issue. When searching on Google, I don’t see references to this problem, and I don’t want to join a server in order to bypass this problem.

I enjoy this game when it works properly and would really like to be able to finish it. Because of these problems, I bought a copy for my PS4 and started playing it, until the recent update has made that virutually unplayable, too.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hey @Aryenne

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Are you playing with any mods installed on PC? If so, make sure they’re disabled until their authors bring them up to date with the latest version of the game.
Also, it seems there could be a hard drive malfunction based on the description of your experience. If possible, could you try to install the game on another drive (SSD would be preferable)? If not possible, please make sure the folder where you installed the game has proper write-read permissions so the game can use the database correctly.

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