No safety from sandstorm?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas 2507
Hardware: Xbox One

Bug Description:

No safety from sandstorms.
While sheltering in my beginner hut of 1 foundation, 3 walls, door frame, door and celling tile the shelter indicator house was full, but my new character nearly perished during the first sandstorm.

Expected Behavior:

Has the impact of the sandstorms changed?
I thought when the shelter indicator is full, you’re in a safety zone from storms. I used a bunch of bandage to keep alive.

Steps to Reproduce:

Play the game around noob river or any of the dangerous sandstorm places long enough for the storm to roll through. Take refuge in an area, structure or other safety areas, where the shelter indicator is full and watch for the damage on the health bar.

Thanks for looking into this issue.

That happened to me last night as well.
Inside the sandstone base. Getting health damage from sandstorm.

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