Taking sandstorm damage when there's no storm

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [noob river]

Been occasionally getting a weird bug while working on my new base. Out of the blue I start taking damage from a sandstorm, but there is no sandstorm happening.

This happens both outside, and inside with a full shelter buff. It will also continue to damage me if I move from outside to inside with a full shelter buff while it’s happening.

If I’m quick to go into the start menu and put on my mask, it’ll stop. I’ve died at least twice from it now however.

One time I think it killed me when I was offline. Our server settings take players out of the world when offline however, not sleeping, so I don’t think that should happen. All the signs of a recent death were there when I logged in tho.

So far it’s only happened at my base, which is in an area that’s kind of buggy, and already has weird weather patterns and such…
It’s in the upper right corner of j3 on the edge of the desert and noob river. My house is in the corner against the wall. It rains on my house frequently, but walking a few feet away from the front door will reveal a clear sky. The green wall is also visible against the wall in the back. I also have a couple cliff sides that move or change their surface texture when I walk around.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. I haven’t figured out how to reliably trigger it yet. Just seems to happen once in awhile. Possibly when the game is doing a sandstorm probability check…?

From what I’ve seen, this is a known issue and it’s being worked on by FC. Check the trello board they set up.


Btw, I have experienced this issue several times after spawning in to the game and take sandstorm damage even though the visual effects are absent.


This also happens to me occasionally when I first log into the game on my Xbox. However, even with the phantom storm, I’ve never received damage once I’m fully “sheltered”.

This has also happened to me as soon as I log into the game on Xbox it’s happened to me about 7 times now not recently though but when it does happen I know now it’s an invisible sandstorm

Cool. I didn’t see it on the board.

I built my house into a crevice in the cliffside so there’s technically no back wall, just a rockface. As a result, I have a couple weird pockets where the shelter drops to about 1/2. Had this happen, and moving a couple feet to where I get a full buff still damaged me.

I had this happen again last night and it was shortly after I logged in. I now put on my mask before logging off, and it started right after I took the mask off. I was in shelter at the time, and took no damage however. Waited out the “storm” and it stopped after the appropriate amount of time.


Hey there,

As some of our players commented above, we’re aware of this issue and is in our backlog of things to fix. We’re currently focusing, however, on bringing the parity patch to consoles.
Thanks for your feedback!


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