No sale on Black Friday?

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Super surprised there isn’t any sale on Conan what so ever on Black Friday especially with how dead it is . Can you guys please help create population @Ignasi @Hugo it’s a shame this game isn’t active it’s a real good game and needs something to bring bigger groups, better marketing.

The sale is generally handled by the retailer exp Sony. Steam. Microsoft. Not funcom in most cases

Most game companies give sales on cyber Monday.

We can only wait

I had like 500euro left on the one… was kinda hoping it would go on sale. XD

Thou, not sure what I would buy out of last 2… Turian is kinda meh, and Argo is to close to Aqu (armor didnt intrest me much) Thou still never nab movie ones ether.

What do you mean no sale? At least on PC, Steam is running one.

Woah conan costs that much now, even on sale, lol, legit thought that was the regular price not the sale price by this point.

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That’s what I’m saying they should just be cheap to get more players and make money off dlc

They need it on all platforms at this point they need to focus on player growth badly

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