No Soul Shards Corruption UI

so just reloaded my Corruption Ui and there are no longer any soul shards for my sin. any ideas or help?

Don’t use GB or DWW and you’ll never run out.

What version of the ui do you use ?

last one updated i think


Can you see this in the middle of the bottom bars ?

nope they are gone

what setting are you using ?
i have the small icons 2x 21 and i have the shards displayed

your ui must be either outdated or some files corrupted. you should reinstall it.

Cappa, he might need the updated Corruption UI you did over a year ago.

My guess is he’s using a variant of the original Corruption UI that had some visual issues from a game update done in 2019.

that’s what i’m thinking too.

@Sloejinn try reinstalling this version :

worked!! thnx

nevermind last statement still not there