No sound in game after joining discord lobby (singleplayer or multiplayer) is there a fix?

Basic Info:

Platform: Game Pass
Issue Type: Sound
Game Mode: Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Server Type: Any
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

There is no in game sound. In the menu I have sound but once im in any game the sound stops. I searched all forums and tried every method I could find but none helped. I even did a hard reset on my PC and deleted everything with a clean Windows 10 install. I redownloaded the game and I figured out how to get the sound playing in game by switching the in game audio’s default setting to my headset (it is a bluetooth steel series headset). But once I got into a discord lobby the sound stopped again. Now when I try to get the sound in Conan to play again prior to me joining discord, it doesn’t work and I’m back to square one. last note is if I play Conan through the TV it will work.

Bug Reproduction:

Clean install of Windows 10 and Conan; Started Conan and switched default output audio to one of the bluetooth headset settings and it worked; turned on discord while Conan was running and joined a lobby in discord for chat; Conan in game sound stopped working; Left discord and completely turned it off; restarted Conan to see if I could get the audio in game working on any setting (singleplayer or multiplayer) and doesn’t work anymore.

Sounds like a Discord settings issue. Try running Discord in admin mode.

Discord reset your sound, not a Conan issue.

Wish I could help, I’ve had sound issues crop up before but just banged on things till I fixed it; went through various settings clicking things.

I appreciate the responses, I messed around with it and now I can get singleplayer to work as long as i’m not in discord but I still can’t get multiplayer to work. I get into a lobby in Conan and the sound is there for 3 to 5 seconds and then it cuts off again. I’m starting to think this is an issue with the microphone settings but I can’t narrow it down. I can play the game through my TV when the sound is chosen for it but as soon as I switch it to my headset it stops again. Still currently using a bluetooth connection and I don’t have any issues with any other games. running both the game and discord (and a combination of them) in admin mode didn’t work. I’m hoping one of the developers can recreate this issue to help me out.

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