No starter agent given?

So i logged in and i saw nothing different in my inventory, the game dowloaded some additional data shown by the icon on the toolbar, but that was it.

So i tried relogging to see if it would pop up, but i got nothing.

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Walk a bit through Agartha Mall? I did that and got a message from my faction handler and a dossier then.

This is beautiful, i got the other bug when teleporting to agartha:P

Was fine after another relog, i am currently walking around in Agartha to see if it pops up :slight_smile:


Once THAT gets sorted out, it’ll work somewhere :smiley:


okay running around in Agartha for 15 minutes didn’t work, so i relogged in Agartha and then i got it as soon as i logged back in and moved forwards :slight_smile: