No way to open gateway while mounted on horse

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

When you are on a mount and come to a gateway with a closed door that you own, there is no way to open the gateway other than getting off the mount, opening the gateway, then getting back on the mount (see other bug for mount following through gateway).

A realistic solution would be that your character would fall off the horse when trying to open the gate :wink:

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I do like horses and Knights.

But it seems normal to dismount to open doors.

May be you could put in the wheel a named “doorsopener” Thrall who will be able to open the gate at your sight!

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Hey @richardn

This is made by design. We’ll send your suggestion to our team for their consideration.
Thanks for the feedback.


Hmm so the gate will have a slot for a thrall. He will open the gate when you command him to.

It would be nice if the horse could use the doorknob. Maybe at level 10 or so, if you run it against a gate, it whinnies and opens it.

T1 Doorsopener sighs, opens one side, then the other side.
T4 Doorsopener makes a push and both sides are open in an instant, and says “Welcome back, Boss!”


I can’t understand while can’t open barn doors while mounted. Makes no sense to me.
Single person door fair enough, but double gates??

“Welcome back, Boss” is a bit short… I would prefer a much longer speach:
“The Gods bless you my Lord!! Welcome home. Did you have a good jourrney …blabla bla… I will soon open the door for you” A speach so long that it makes you feel it could have been better to open the door yourself!


Ok, this is clearly a purge T4!

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yes T4 at least!!!

You can also give that thrall another lever to drop the hot oil above the gate since that system is otherwise worthless when you’re busy fighting.

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I can put an elephant in my pocket and my horse can teleport directly to me. Not sure what your point is.

The problem is that if you get off your horse and run through the gate, the horse cannot follow you - its pathing does not allow it through even though the opening is large enough. If the player was able to open the gate mounted, that wouldnt be a problem as you can easily ride your mount through. Its a simple suggestion to negate a pathing issue. Otherwise, i have to wait until the horse decides to teleport or i have to pick up the horse (??!!)

Other than that, your comments are hilarious.

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