Unable to open gates on horseback

Whilst mounted, I am unable to open my gate to my compound and ride inside, I must dismount, open the gate then remount and ride through. Once inside I must dismount, run back to the gate and close it. I do not know if this is intentional, but if I was being pursued by another player, It makes it hard to get back inside my walls.


The horse will follow you inside, just hop off for now and run in without mounting. You’ll be better that way until they either decide on the future of mounting.

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Not entirely sure if this behavior is intentional or not so we’ll relay your feedback to the developers for consideration.

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Adding this for the purpose of consolidation

To add my own input, I can confirm the reports are accurate with regards to being able to interact with anything from horseback. You can still use admin delete though from horseback, which I found interesting ha ha.

I think it needs to be this way. If you can interact while mounted, then you could potentially tell one of your thralls or pets to follow you. But what happens then when you dismount? Now you have two pets/thralls to deal with. Which will be following and which is now scouting?

What happens when you tell a pet or thrall to follow you now when you already have a pet or thrall following? That’s the more likely scenario.

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